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Due to the unique topography of boundless mountaineering rocks throughout the Indian Himalayan ranges, every mountaineer has a dream to conquer the mighty Himalayan peaks. The view of the magnificent mountains, the tranquility of the spine chilling breeze and the icy cold weather of the Himalayas modestly captivates all the adventure enthusiasts.

Mountaineer Expeditions in India to the Himalayas are an important part of the tourism. India offers a wide range of mountain climbing opportunities along with some exciting peaks. Peaks like Mt Nun, Mt Kun and Stok Kangri in Jammu and Kashmir and Shivling in Uttarakhand are some of the exciting expedition destinations that are worth exploring.

The Indian Himalayas offer you views of sprinkled flower fields, gushing river streams with topped Glaciers, and green mountainous valves.

Explore the adventure of mountain climbing with Shikhar adventure tours.



Jammu & Kashmir Mt. Kun
  Mt. Nun
  Mt. Stok Kangri
Uttarakhand Mt. Bhagirathi
  Mt. Changabang
  Mt. Kedardome
  Mt. Neelkanth
  Mt. Satopanth
  Mt. Shivling
  Mt. Thalay Sagar




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